In my last blog posting, I started into how cloud computing and relevant applications would mix.  After I posted the entry I started to map out my thinking on how all this fits together.  What I came up with is the following diagram: rel apps mapping.

Basically, I started trying to show all the relationships that I could think of so that a comprehensive view of a solution could be achieved.  This high level diagram allows me to organize my thoughts and in the course of putting this together, I ran across a presentation that I did in 2006 (4 YRS AGO!).  I was surprised that underlying requirements for user services has not changed although the network and the “how to accomplish”certainly has.  I am including this presentation from 4 years ago (although some charts were removed as they were internal / not germane for this topic) because it shows that the more things change the more things really stay the same.  You will probably laugh at first at some of the examples; however, when one really starts to think about how simple substitutions with today’s examples and one will find that everything still holds true…just 4 years later.


The lesson is that by focusing on the key issues and addressing them – accomplishments happen.  Not worrying too much about nomenclature and jargon changes allows one to stay focus on what is really important.