I just finished reading a blog post by Bill Melendez on Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS). He points out how HEMS can drastically improve efficiency.  His example of controlling dampers to heat or cool a home based on Sun position got me thinking – why wouldn’t the HEMS system be able to receive additional weather information so as to fine tune the home heating/cooling efficiency?  For example, if the weather forecast call for a cooling trend and outside sensors also note a cooling trend, then the output from the system could be adjusted in anticipation of the weather change.

I started thinking about the other possibilities that could occur. The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature in a home could also include attic venting or ground heat exchange.  Increasing efficiency of a home climate requires lots of small things that a HEMS can support.  Since Heating and Cooling is the highest consumer of energy in a home, having better control of the home climate will be key for smart grid success.

I see the discussion in LinkedIn growing around these ideas “Smart Appliances may not see the light of  day anytime soon…” I find it interesting that people believe that consumers will balk at smart grid and smart appliances as intrusive.  I don’t see it that way – if it makes my life easier, more comfortable, and saves me money (as energy costs will go up) then I say it is a good thing.  I for one see benefit in HEMS for me personally as well as for smart grid success.