As I have written before, I am a firm believer in creating Mobile applications that are relevant.  Today in the San Diego Union Tribune, Janet Lavelle reported on a new medical records application that would greatly help doctors get timely information directly to their smart mobile device (Medical Software May Take Leap Forward).  It is clear that Palomar Pomerado Medical is on the right track.  They are working to coordinate real-time patient information (pulse, blood pressure, etc.) with medical records and other information that gives doctors the ability to make a quick and effective decisions.

Even though they are just in trials and have lots of hurdles to overcome (patient ID coordination and HIPAA compliance), this is a good step forward. Even West Wireless Health Institute‘s Chief Medical and Science Officer described the app as cool and valuable.

The next steps will be coming soon – validation and expansion.  I wish Palomar Pomerado Health the best of luck in this endeavor.