Greenbang is an independent, award-winning research and publishing company that focuses on sustainability. Their focus is based around the idea of planet management, whereby demand and supply for goods and services must be measured and made more efficient at macro and microeconomic levels to sustain a growing population that is unsure of its energy supply and security, while prices and demand are rising.  It is a very SMART group (if you will pardon the pun).  They posted the following Yesterday:

The technology and the know-how to build a smarter energy infrastructure are here. The smart grid is fast becoming a reality … a way to massively improve how energy is distributed, to change the relationships of generators, distribution and transmission operators and consumers and, ultimately, to revolutionise how we all use energy every day.

One big question looms, though: how will we manage, process and use the vast amounts of data the smart grid will generate? Are we ready for the security issues it will raise? Can we actually make sense of the data we’ll gather for maximum efficiency, or will we merely add terabyte upon terabyte of noise to the already smothering weight of bits and bytes that surrounds us?

Experts from across Europe will discuss those questions and seek answers during “Big data for the smart grid – strategies and opportunities for data management,” the first in a series of Leadership Events to be hosted by Greenbang. To be held at the Kyocera Technology Suite in Central London, this event is scheduled for 15 June.

The key issues to be covered include:

  • Data security – How can we protect the very lifeblood of energy distribution?
  • Big data – Are we ready for the floodgates to open?
  • Storage – What are the challenges?
  • Standards and compatibility – How do we avoid Betamax data in an MP4 world?
  • Optimum tariffing and demand management – How to make it all work

A panel discussion will cover the major issues, with the floor open for questions. Speakers for the event will be announced at a later date.

The smart-grid data Leadership Event is targeted toward experts from:

  • Major utility companies
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • Technology companies
  • Technology resellers
  • Data companies
  • Green investment organisations

It made me wonder:  where are the traditional communications companies in this mix? Granted, the animosity between the original “regulated utilities” is quite high; but aren’t these problems large enough that companies should be more collaborative in solving the data issues? Telecom companies have had to solve these types of issues in the past. They have also adopted time of day pricing, deep networking monitoring, and large-scale automated billing. Additionally, data groups of Telecom Companies deal with security concerns everyday.  This background coupled with the new technology companies and the utilities should bring enough brainpower together not only to solve the problem but also to thrive with the new capabilities created from the collaboration. I believe it is time for old rivalries to be put aide and bring a cohesive approach to communications in the smart grid to market.