This interesting infographic “How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams” came across my inbox today regarding social media within a company. Some statistics really stood out in my mind:

  • 65% of the companies surveyed had social media on top of other marketing activities
  • 82% had 1-3 people working on social media.
  • While the preferred degree was marketing but only 3% of respondents wanted business experience.

Not surprising, only 5% were highly satisfied with the efforts and over half were not satisfied.  Why?  I believe that the goals of the program were not being clearly defined, resourced and measured.  A Business exists to sell a product or service, at a profit, yet in the infographic, 86% measured “Likes,” 74% measured web site visits and only 31% measured sales.  I don’t think I could say WRONG loud enough.

As I have often stated to my clients or anyone who will listen, Social and Digital marketing tools are just that – Tools. You use them to reach a goal. The same way that using a saw is not the goal but getting the piece of wood to the right size so that the wall can be built is.  Also one tool allows other tools (hammer and a square) to be better utilized.

In order to create an effective social media campaign, one must first examine “What are the goals?”  Then determine how to achieve the goals; what tools will work best to achieve the goals, determine how they should interact, and what is the best way to measure success. It is way beyond “should we use FB or Twitter or Instagram?.”  It is also way beyond just collecting followers and likes.  To me there should always be a funnel of opportunities that leads to sales firstly, then a determination of what tools to fill that funnel, then finally judge the success of the tool by the amount of sales it generates.

Anything else just doesn’t make “the rubber meet the road” and leads to dissatisfaction.