Now that I’m in my new role as CMO at TheTalklist, I am being asked why?  Why this company and this service? These are very good questions that I answer with three points: simplicity, collaboration, and powerful connection.

Simplicity.  The founder of TheTalklist built a site tho accomplish three things: Search, Schedule and Talk.  It is easy for a foreign ESL student to navigate the site, find the tutors that have common interests, schedule the time, and have a conversation with their tutor.  There are no long-term commitments or contracts.  No hidden hooks.  They purchase their package and then use it up as they see fit.  Simple.  I like it because we, as a company, focus on what is important – improving conversational English – without losing site of we are running a business.

Collaboration. Tools and widgets are built-in to help tutors and students.  These collaboration sources in conjunction with the video chat make the conversation skills learning much more enjoyable.  Even more important, the students and tutors talk about what interests them.  No set curriculum but instead using likes to engage the conversation. As noted in our white paper, one the greatest breakthroughs in language learning is the realization that students learn a second language faster when they aren’t focused on learning it.  By collaborating with the tutor on topics they like, the student’s conversational English improves faster.

Powerful Connection.  This is most important to me.  Having lived abroad for many years, I have seen how misperception and cultural insensitivity makes most situations more difficult than they need to be.  The conversation promoted by TheTalkList allows for knowledge and cultural exchange which increases understanding and sensitivity. Conversation is often left out of difficult situations; TheTalklist looks to change all that in addition to helping foreign ESL students achieve what their government, parents, and society wants from them —  “speak English like a native.”

If you want to see more about TheTalkList and get a little more background about why I am excited by this opportunity, I encourage you to check out our How it works Video.  Or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.