I posted “What is Wisdom?” two years ago in response to a statement made to me:  “this is the information you asked for.” To refresh your memory what was given to me was a spreadsheet of collected data that was said to be “information.”  In that post, I delineated the difference between data (input), information (input put through some function), knowledge (repeated information function) and wisdom (knowledge grown by personal experience).

It is knowledge and wisdom that fits well with 1-to-1 Creative Conversation. Let me give you an example.  A colleague on mine who happens to be from Japan was standing in the parking lot when I drove up.  They liked the car I was driving (a convertible) but didn’t know the word in English.  Having the experience of living and working in Asia, I knew that there were very few convertibles on Japan so I was quickly aware of why the word escaped my colleague [n.b.: there is a word in Japanese to describe a cabriolet – kaburiore (カブリオレ)].  More importantly, my colleague’s English is quite good but still has a heavy influence of Japanese pronunciation. While we were continuing our conversation, I introduced “flip top” and  “rag top” as possible alternatives to cabriolet or convertible as those first words were proving difficult to enunciate. We carried on the conversation repeating key phrases and how to put them in context while I was dipping into my experience as a driver of a convertible , a native English speaker and one attuned to the struggles of a ESL speaker.

By using my knowledge and personal experience, I was able to pass on wisdom to my colleague via this creative conversation.  This is the very same  concept Noam Chomsky presented in his interview with John Gliedman for Omni Magazine way back in 1983- by working the proper construction of a word or phrase over time with gentle correction, the learner effectively makes the correction in their mind and the speaking mistakes disappear over time.

1-to-1 Creative Conversation is one of the key foundations of TheTalkList  as it allows for the passing of wisdom from “talkist” to “talkist” so that the learner can speak like a native. Check us out.