The thrill of the chase: building excitement of figuring things out; hunting down leads; winning small victories while suffering painful setbacks, and hopefully, closing in on the treasure. If you are familiar with Forrest Fenn, you also know that finding the treasure is elusive.

Working at a Start-up is very much the embodiment of the thrill of the chase and I have every aspect at TheTalkList.  We have made changes to our website and are moving them out of development into production.  We have changed our Video interface to a more effective protocol for long distances. We are kicking off our Marketing Programs and starting live tests. We even have some investor interest. Thrill of the Chase.

As I noted in another, Reward of Doing Something Hard, being part of a really good and committed team makes things better.  One could even go so far as to say it enhances the thrill of the chase. That is what excites me about being at TheTalkList.

Our CEO has built businesses before; more importantly, he has a deep passion for what we are doing and the global benefits we can create. He sees a future where TheTalkList is about all languages and all conversations. He is focused and determined to succeed.

Our marketing leads are living proof of English conversation fluency benefits.  They were all born in another country and had to learn English. Their American teammates have traveled extensively and seen the smiles on the faces of people who become proficient at great communications and conversations. Bottom line: they get it and can explain it.

Our CTO has deep technology knowledge and that “been there, done that” experience to leads us through the development and support of our site, ancillary systems, and quality of the experience. He is our steady hand on the switch.

Finally, our tutors are enthusiastic about helping and making a difference. They eagerly sign-up and jump right in.

Together, the team has brought us close to the treasure. It is only a matter of time. It is a great place to be; I’m glad to be neck deep in the thrill of the chase.

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Experience the Thrill of the Chase.